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Design of hotel lobby background wall

There are a lot of hotel management friends of the hotel lobby background wall design is attached importance to, as experienced businessmen know, the image of the hotel on the business is also a great impact, so the design of the hotel lobby background wall is not to be taken lightly.

Design of hotel lobby background wall

1, the background wall to mix and match without monotonic: no matter it is a large family or small family, as long as the design is appropriate, the background wall can make atmospheric effect. Keep in mind that the background wall is also a specific form of expression that reflects the hotel's magnanimity and heart. If the background wall has a large area, whether transverse or longitudinal, it can be fully utilized. In order to avoid monotony, two or three different materials can be used for cutting and modeling, or three-dimensional composition can reflect the sense of hierarchy.

2, the background wall to have a sense of fashion: the background wall is the symbol of the hotel style, taste, characteristics. Take highly concise artistic means to elaborate design, or simple atmosphere, or the artistic conception is far away, so that guests appreciate, taste the hotel deep regional cultural implication and rich unique spiritual pursuit. No matter it is European or Chinese style, the electronic clock screen with artistic sense and modern atmosphere is installed on the background wall, which can make the finishing point, instantly make the lobby more magnificent and improve the decoration effect to a higher level.

3, tonal and consistent shape avoid obtrusive: the background wall as a part of the hotel decoration, it must be consistent with the color of the whole space in the grasp of color. If the color of the background wall is not in harmony with the tone of the living room, it will not only affect the perception, but also affect the mood. But generally speaking, the white of quietly elegant, shallow blue, shallow green, bright yellow, red is acted the role of with shallow aureate it is right tonal, too deep too dazzling tonal easily lets a person the mood is heavy, mood is nervous.

The background wall of the hotel lobby is the face of the hotel. For the service industry, not having a good face not only damages the image of the hotel, but also disrespects the guests, which will seriously affect the business of the hotel.


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